YARTS Board & Advisory Committee
Board & Advisory Committee

The YARTS Joint Powers Authority (JPA) makes operational and procedural decisions, with important information provided by the Authority Advisory Committee (AAC) and Partnering Agencies, as well as members of the public.

View Joint Powers Agreement Establishing the YARTS Authority and Bylaws

Joint Powers Authority Board (JPA)

The Joint Powers Authority Board meets typically once per quarter and is the governing body of YARTS.


  • Supervisor Daron McDaniel, Merced County – CHAIR 2023-24
  • Supervisor Miles Menetrey, Mariposa County – VICE CHAIR 2023-24
  • Supervisor Rosemarie Smallcombe, Mariposa County
  • Supervisor Scott Silveira, Merced County
  • Supervisor Ryan Campbell, Tuolumne County
  • Supervisor Kathleen Haff, Tuolumne County 
  • Supervisor Lynda Salcido, Mono County
  • Supervisor Bob Gardner, Mono County
  • Supervisor Bobby Macaulay, Madera County
  • Supervisor Jordan Wamhoff, Madera County

Authority Advisory Committee (AAC)

The Authority Advisory Committee is a group of representatives from stakeholder communities that provides advice and assistance to YARTS’ management.


  • Karen Baker, Merced County representative – CHAIR 2023-24
  • Jonathan Farrington, Mariposa County representative – VICE CHAIR 2023-24
  • Kelly Taute, Mariposa County representative
  • Candy O’Donel-Browne, Executive Director representative
  • Maddie Brown, Executive Director representative
  • Jim Donovan, Yosemite National Park representative
  • D.S. Gorder, Yosemite National Park representative
  • Lisa Mayo, Tuolumne County representative
  • Len Otley, Tuolumne County representative
  • Rhonda Salisbury, Madera County representative
  • Vacant, Madera County representative
  • Hilda Sousa, Department of Transportation representative
  • Nanette Villegas, Merced County representative
  • Betsy Truax, Mono County representative 
  • Marcella Rose, Mono County representative

Parner Agencies

Public Notices

YARTS Notice of Public Comment and Public Hearing

YARTS Public Review and Comment Period

Agreements and Documents


YARTS Approved FY 19/20 Budget

YARTS Approved TAM Plan and SGR

YARTS Alternative Workshop PowerPoint from October 17, 2018 Joint meeting

VIA Service Reports

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