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Helpful Hints when Making Reservations

  1. You may need to disable pop-up blockers to complete your YARTS reservation.
  2. Changes can be made to reservations by creating an account online. Simply go to the reservations screen and click ‘Sign In’. Changes can be made there to passenger names, departure dates and departure times.
  3.  Please note that a YARTS reservation/ticket does not replace, or act as, a day-use permit required for a personal vehicle to enter Yosemite National Park. Day use permits for private vehicles are issued exclusively by the National Park Service.
  4. A YARTS reservation between Curry Village and the Yosemite Visitor Lodge is not a substitute for a day use permit.  Such reservations do not qualify a private vehicle for entry into Yosemite and will not be accepted by National Park Service gate staff unless the driver also possesses a valid day use permit issued by NPS.
  5. Yosemite National Park’s shuttle services will not be operating this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please plan accordingly.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Reservations cannot be made for same day travel. Reservations close 24 hours prior to the departure time of each run.
  2. Actual arrival/departure times may vary from scheduled times due to traffic.
  3. Fares for children:

i. All children under 5 ride for free.

ii. One child, age 6-12 years old, may ride free with each paid adult fare.

iii.Children, age 6-12 years old, riding without a paid adult fare will be charged at the reduced rate.

iv. Children, age 13-17 years old, will be charged at the reduced rate.

  1. YARTS fares include a non-refundable $2.50 convenience fee per ticket for all online transactions.
  2. Refunds:

i. Refunds cannot be completed online.

ii. Requests for refunds should be sent to: [email protected]

iii. Please allow up to 10 days for the processing of refunds.

iv. YARTS charges a $2.50 non-refundable convenience fee per ticket (one-way) or $5.00 per round trip.

v. Refunds will only be honored if they are requested 72 hours in advance of the trip.

vi. Tickets will not be refunded if the request is received after the date listed on the reservation except in the event of a natural disaster or service disruption. These exceptions will be made only if the request is received within seven days of the event occurring.

  1. Due to high ridership levels in the summer, reserved passengers who do not arrive in time for their bus will be considered no-shows and their reservation will be forfeit. Passengers who wish to take a bus that is not on their reservation will be considered as a walk-on and will be boarded after reserved passengers on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  2. Assumption of Risk – COVID-19:  The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization.  COVID-19 is reported to be highly contagious.  The state of medical knowledge is evolving, but the virus is believed to spread from person-to-person tact and possibly by contact with contaminated surfaces and objects.  It may also be spread through the air.  People reportedly can be infected and show no symptoms and therefore spread the disease.  The exact methods of spread and contraction are unknown, and there is no known treatment, cure, or vaccine for COVID-19.  Evidence has shown that COVID-19 can cause serious and potentially life-threatening illness and even death.

Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System (YARTS) cannot prevent you or your children from becoming exposed to, contracting, or spreading COVID-19 while using YARTS’ services or premises.  It is not possible to prevent against the presence of the disease.  YARTS is unable to pre-screen passengers for signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and is unable to eliminate the risk to other passengers posed by an infected person, whether that person is showing symptoms or not.  Therefore, if you choose to utilize YARTS’ services and/or enter onto YARTS’ premises, you may be exposing yourself and your family to, and/or increasing your risk of contract or spreading, COVID-19.