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YARTS VIP/Specialty Passes

February 14, 2024 Beginning May 12, 2024, YARTS will no longer accept VIP or specialty passes for free rides. All VIP or specialty passes* must be redeemed for service prior to May 12, 2024, after which they will be considered void and prohibited. For questions or concerns regarding this information, please email the YARTS Administrative… Read more »

YARTS: Run 140-14 – Service Update – Delayed Departures

February 9, 2024 To accommodate the Firefall event that occurs this time of year, and the crowd that is expected in Yosemite National Park, YARTS’ Run 140-14 departure will be delayed by 30 minutes for all timepoints from Friday, February 9th through Sunday, February 25th, 2024. Please ensure that you are at the bus stop… Read more »

Bus Stop Update: Highway 140 – Yosemite Valley Visitor Center

Beginning November 20, 2023 Updated: January 2024 YARTS has been notified that the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center bus stop will be inaccessible for the near future, due to construction that is taking place in the park. YARTS passengers are asked to temporarily use Yosemite Shuttle Stop #1, or the YARTS stops at either Curry Village… Read more »

Bus Stop Update: Highway 140 – Merced Airport

November 9, 2023 The Merced Airport is currently under construction and the YARTS bus stop directly in front of the air terminal is unavailable for the near future. YARTS passengers will need to wait for and board the YARTS bus at a temporary location on Macready Dr., between the two driveways that lead to the… Read more »

YARTS Winter Service – Highway 140

YARTS winter service is now operating on Highway 140. More information, to include schedules and fares, can be found on the Highway 140 route page: Highway 140 – YARTS – Public Transit to Yosemite.

9/28/2023 – Service Update: Highway 395/120E

September 28, 2023 The last day of summer operations for runs 395-1 and 395-2 on Highway 395/120E was yesterday, September 27, 2023. Runs 395-3 and 395-4 will continue to operate through October 27, 2023*. *Date is subject to change depending on the weather, and/or National Park Service updates, to include the closure of Tioga Road.

YARTS Winter Schedule 2023-2024

Are you ready to start planning your winter visit to Yosemite? The YARTS winter schedule will go live on Friday, September 1, 2023, and will run from Saturday, September 30, 2023, through Sunday, May 12, 2024. Visit our website or contact us at [email protected] if you need help planning your next Yosemite adventure.

Runs 140-6 & 140-7 Cancelled 8/8/23 – 8/15/23

August 8, 2023 Highway 140 Update: Please be advised that YARTS trips 140-6* and 140-7, scheduled between August 8th and August 15th have been cancelled. All other trips on Highway 140 are still operating normally. Reservation holders can email [email protected] along with the ticket or transaction number and our team will assist with rescheduling or… Read more »

Bus Stop Update: Highway 395/120E – Tuolumne Meadows Store

July 28, 2023: YARTS has received notification that the Tuolumne Meadows Store is unavailable as a YARTS bus stop for the near future. Please utilize the paved area to the left of the Tuolumne Meadows Store until further notice. If you have any questions about this information, please contact us: 877-989-2787 or [email protected]. Thank you… Read more »

July 31-Aug. 3: Curry Village Bus Stop Moved Temporarily

The YARTS bus stop at Curry Village will be temporarily moved to Curry Village Registration – Yosemite National Park officials have advised that Curry Village Drive will be closed to all vehicles for tree removal at the site of shuttle bus stops 14 and 19 from July 31 to August 3. Shuttle bus stops will… Read more »