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Commuter Pass Assistance

The following summarizes programs available in the region for commuters using YARTS, provided by each employer. This list may not include all employers, and is not intended as a comprehensive listing. For more detailed information, or for additional questions, please contact your supervisor.

Yosemite National Park

Federal employees may be eligible for transit benefits. Former President Bill Clinton signed Executive Order 13150 on April 21, 2000 entitled “Federal Workforce Transportation.” This Executive Order states that all Federal agencies shall implement a program that offers qualified Federal employees the option to receive a monthly subsidy for qualifying mass transportation. Employees must be pre-approved and enrolled to receive this subsidy.

Yosemite National Park Human Resources
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Private Employers

The Commuter Choice Program was established by the Federal Government to encourage commuting alternatives that take commuters beyond one person/one car. Employees may be eligible for benefits under this program. Talk to your employer to see if they are operating such a program.